Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sandstone MN for Business Development

Business Development Opportunities in Sandstone Minnesota

Think about making Sandstone Minnesota the home to your business.
Sandstone MN Business Development
Business Development in Sandstone MN
Sandstone MN has a few advantages/opportunities that you will find unique.

Recreation in Sandstone MN

Yeas and another big YES to the adventure opportunities is Sandstone MN. Whitewater paddling to ice climbing to world class fishing. You can hike from downtown sandstone to the trails of Banning State Park, your staff can surf the Kettle on their lunch break or ice climb before work.  
  • whitewater paddling on the Kettle River
  • ice, rock , mixed climbing in Robinson Park
  • hiking the trails of Banning State Park
Sandstone, Minnesota has Access to Adventure

Location, location, location

Your business could be:
  • located just off Interstate FreeWay 35
  • only an hour from Minneapolis
  • the halfway stop between Minneapolis nad Duluth
  • thriving in the "First city of the North Woods"
Your staff could be:
  • living next to their playground
  • not worrying about parking or traffic
  • raising families in a safe community

Sandstone Life Style

Simple addition - Sandstone is for you if you're looking for the small town, low stress living plus with affordable living multiplied by our access to adventure.
Breaking it down - Cost of Living in Sandstone (CLS)  Access to Adventure (A2A) and Low Stress Living (LSL)
CLS / A2A - LSL = 100% business happiness.
Focus on building your business and not on your morning commute - no traffic problems in Sandstone, Minnesota - and "no red lights" to business development.

Sandstone MN Infrastructure

We're Ready for You -

Sandstone, Minnesota is the "First City of the North Woods" and hopefully you'll add Sandstone as your first choice for the home to your business.

Please visit the Sandstone Tourism Board's website

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